BMB Educational Consultancy (
BMB Educational Consultancy Australia is the home of The Magic Caterpillar Handwriting Process and The Magic Caterpillar’s Building Blocks to Literacy

Numicon New Zealand (
Numicon is an inclusive, multi-sensory approach teaching numeracy using patterns to represent each numeral. These patterns demonstrate the relationship of numbers so clearly!

The Dyspraxia Association & Support Group (
The Dyspraxia Association & Support Group is a parent-initiated, voluntary support group for all who care for children with Developmental Dyspraxia. The aim of this support group is to help children with Developmental Dyspraxia to learn, to achieve their potentials, and ultimately to lead a happy, satisfying adult life.

Occupational Therapy for Children (

Helps children with:

Learning difficulties – problems with reading, spelling, maths, handwriting, fitness, etc

Developmental delays – not reaching his/her milestones within the normal range of time.

Dyspraxia/Developmental Dyspraxia – a motor planning difficulty.

Visual perception/processing difficulties – processing, interpreting and making sense of what we see

Motor problems – gross and fine motor difficulties, clumsy, difficulty with buttons, laces etc.

Handwriting difficulties – poor legibility, slow writing speed, not being able to get things down on paper as quickly as others.

Keyboard/typing skills – if a computer is to be of advantage to a child he/she must be able to touch type accurately, (speed comes with practise). Otherwise the computer does not meet the aims that it was intended for i.e. improving speed, accuracy and presentation of work.